Packs - Overview

This page is an overview of the beer/cider combo's we distribute in Ghent with other local Ghent breweries. The idea come during the first lockdown in March.

Please be aware that content of a pack can change due to available stocks. 

Bier/Cider Survival Pack

This package contains:

2x Journey

1x Magis

1x Meermin

1x L'Arogante Session

1x L'Arogante, ik ben de hoppigste

This is the original combo and the one that Gentians like the most.

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Pack Versie 02

This package contains::

2x Journey

1x Triple Johanna (BlommeCaes)

1x Ne Veurvechter (De Laatste drinker)

1x Flora ( De Wilde Brouwers)

1x Oud Brood ( De Wilde Brouwers)

This combo combines new and experienced brewers from Ghent, its also partially bio made beer.

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Pack Versie 03

This one is:

2x Journey

2x Kroost (Kroost Craft beer)

2x Magis (9032 Bierlab)

The lightest in alcohol volume, but maybe one of the tastiest!

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Gentse Brouwers Box

After the small succes of the 6 bottle combi's, we decided to make a bigger box.

This box has 12 beers: L'arogante Blond, L'arogante Session, Yellow Mellow - Best Friends (Humboldt & Gauss), Oud brood - Flora (de Wilde brouwers),  Magis (9032 bierlab), Kroost (brouwerij Kroost), Ne Veurvechter (De Laatste Drinker), Pony's (Ganzerik & Jigger's) en 2x Journey Cider.

Only available in Ghent.