Product Overview

Below you will find an overview of the product that we offer through distributors, our webshop. We will also highlight some of the new drinks that we will bring to market.


Journey, our brewed (crafted) Cider from freshly squeezed red and green Belgian apples is our first product, created in 2019. It is a dry cider, light in finish and with an alcohol content of 7.5%. You taste the fresh apples and the brewing process in this 33 c bottle of cider. 


This cider was recently named in the top of  best drinks from Ghent . You can order it in our webshop, bars and restaurants as well as in several stores in and around Ghent.

Triple Cider

Our triple cider made from 100% fresh pressed apples from around Ghent, brewed not far from Ghent and completely handcrafted. This will be a triple fermented cider and will be available on a limited basis. It is a cider that compares itself with the taste of Cava and other more dry and acidic sparkling wines.

This cider consists of 3 different apple varieties, 1 of which is an old Belgian variety. This comes in 75cl black bottles, specially selected for the holidays.

Apple Bubbles

This is our alcohol free alternative and based on our "Journey" recipe, in 33cl bottles.

Available from 2022,

More information follows on a later date

Perry - Pear Cider

Perry will be made from 2 different pear varieties from our Belgian farmers. The Perry will be sold in a 33cl bottle.

Available from January 2022,

More information follows on a later date.